Stoke-on-Trent YAC

What's on at Stoke-on-Trent YAC 2019

January 26th       The mystery of the Leekfrith Iron Age gold

February 16th      Behind the scenes at the Museum: joint activity with Cannock YAC

March 16th           Identifying pottery sherds

April 6th               Visit to Etruria Industrial Museum

May 18th              Historic building recording part 1: research

June   22nd          Historic building recording part 2: survey

July     20th          Festival of Archaeology

August 17th          Visit to Hulton Abbey

September 21st   Coins through time

October 12th        Osteoarchaeology: guest leader Dr Kirsty Squires, Forensic Anthropologist

November 16th    Saxon warriors, weapons and battles

December 7th      Christmas Past Party

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