Southampton YAC

What's On...

Southampton Young Archaeologists' Club has a fantastic line up of meeting this year covering thousands of years, from Ancient Mesopotamia to 18th Century Mills. Here's the low down...

​February - Iron Age Warrior School

We'll be joined by Matt from Experience the Iron Age to learn how to be an Iron Age Warrior.

March - Treasures of the British Museum

Which of our leaders' favourite treasures from the British Museum will be crowned top treasure. Join us as our leaders try to convince you to choose their favourite object.

April - Walk the Walls

This April we will explore the medieval walls of southampton and find out all about the importance of our town. We're hoping to do this in the evening so bring a torch and a warm coat!

May - Eling Tide Mill

​It's been a long time since we last visited Eling Tide Mill. We'll visit this 18th century Grade II listed building and take part in an interactive workshop with the Mill's education officer Ruth.

June - Between the Barrows excavation!

​This summer we have the opportunity to dig on a Bronze Age site near Andover. Somewhere under the farm land 2 Bronze Age barrows have been ploughed flat. We'll help Andover Trees United and Southampton University to uncover the mystery of this site.

July - TBC

We're working to get a fantastic July meeting sorted. Check back to find out what we'll get up to.

September - Mesopotamia

​This is the first time as a club we've explored the fascinating archaeology of ancient Mesopotamia. Pete and Anna have a treat in store for us.

October - Around the world in 3 hours!

The world is full of archaeology. Join us this october as we visit as many sites as possible in 3 hours. It's a challenge, but we're up to it.

November - Ethnography

Archaeologists can learn a lot about people in the past by studying people in the remote parts of the world today. This is called ethnography, and this November we'll be finding out why this is such a fascinating way of understanding our ancestors.

December - Feasting on the past

Food and drink have always been an important part of the past. For our final meeting of 2019 we'll explore this fascinating topic and finish off with a feast of our own.

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