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Ask the archaeologist

Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about archaeology? Ask our special guest archaeologist now!

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Southampton YAC

What's On...

Southampton Young Archaeologists' Club has a fantastic line up of meeting this year covering thousands of years, from Ancient Egypt to World War II. Here's the low down...

​February - Napoleon and Nelson in Egypt

We'll explore Ancient Egypt through the eyes of Napoleon and Nelson as they battled it out in the 18th Century.

March - The mystery of Sutton Hoo

How was it discovered, who was buried, what does the evidence tell us? We'll attempt to unravel the mysteries of the strange ship burial at Sutton Hoo.

April - Communication through the ages

How did people keep in touch in the past? Paul will take us through thousands of years of communication and we'll try out some of the techniques to see how good they were.

May - Ancient Greeks

​We love the Ancient Greeks! Join us to find out why they're so great.

June - Sleepover!

​Last year we enjoyed a sleepover in an iron age roundhouse. This year we'll be trying somewhere new - location to be announced nearer the time.

July - Big Dig

Our annual family meeting, where we'll have a go at digging on an excavation. Fingers crossed for sunny weather!

September - Heritage Open Weekend.

​We'll get involved in the events of the Heritage Open Weekend in Southampton. Events are taking place all over the country and we'll send out information nearer the time of what's going on.

October - Solent Sky Museum

Southampton is the home of the spitfire. We'll explore Solent Sky Museum and find out about the importance of Southampton in aviation.

November - CBA Wessex YAC Big Weekend

Every year the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) Wessex hold a conference for interested adults and run activities for YAC members in the Wessex region. We'll join other YAC groups in the area for a fun hands-on activity session.

December - So you want to be an archaeologist?

To finish the year, we'll look at what it takes to be an archaeologist and have a go at some archaeological techniques as well as celebrating the season.

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