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Winter Soltice at Southampton YAC

​December saw our Christmas meeting, which this year was all about the Winter Solstice. Matt and Zana led us through a variety of activities in preparation for our own solstice at the end of the day.

​We started with an introduction to what the Winter Solstice is, who practiced it and who still practices it today. We learnt about how the earth revolves around the sun to created the shortest day of the year and why ancient man marked this time in the calendar, before creating our own "stone" circles out of clay.

​As we don't really know exactly what an ancient winter solstice celebration might have looked like, we did some creative party planning, creating decorations, masks and hats.

​Following two of our Young Archaeologists opening the soltice celebrations, we feasted on food that ancient man might have nibbled on - bread with honey, nuts, fruit and of course bacon frazzles!

​What a way to end the year!

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