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Roundhouses, Skeletons and enough fire-cracked stone to build a small village!

Well hello, lovely people!

Before we start, some of you are probably wondering what on earth fire-cracked stone actually is… Well, here is the definition that I Googled (if that is a word) … Drum roll please…; ‘in archaeology, “fire-cracked stone” (FCS), is stone of any type that has been altered and split as the result of deliberate heating. Pretty interesting, huh?

Anyway, on with the show!

On Wednesday, 1 June 2016, the Mersey and Dee YAC travelled to a small village called Poulton in the middle of the beautiful Cheshire countryside on the border with North Wales.

The site that we visited was packed full of twenty or so roundhouses and was right next to a WWII secret airbase runway! The day began with a talk about the site, which included a reconstruction of a roundhouse. Unfortunately, we couldn’t have a look inside as a family of sparrows had set up camp.

We then had a look at some of the previous finds which included a skeleton!

After a lunch break, it was time to try out our digging skills. We were each given a trowel and worked our way backwards in a line and carefully placed anything of interest (mostly fire cracked stone) into our dear old friend, the finds tray. All in all, the trip was a fascinating insight into the life of an archaeologist.

Until next time,

That’s all, folks!

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