The Auckland Project YAC

Contact:Carys Harper, Education Officer for the Auckland Project
Tel:01388 743 750
Auckland Project YAC members

The Auckland Project YAC is open to everyone aged 7-11 years. YAC clubs get involved in all sorts of activities, including visiting and investigating archaeological sites and historic places, trying out traditional crafts, taking part in excavations, and lots more. Please see the 'More Information' section for our current schedule of activities.

The Auckland Project YAC is based at Number 42 in Bishop Auckland. However, the Auckland Project have multiple venues, so please check the website before booking a place. The group usually meets once a month and each session costs £2 to attend.

The branch is is an affiliated club of the YAC network lead by the project's Informal Learning Officer, Carys, who has a passion for archaeology, particulary the Romans in Britain and the study of bones! Cary's is supported in her role by a team of volunteers. If you want to know more about how we recruit YAC volunteers and make sure children at YAC clubs are well looked after, check out our FAQs.

If you’d like to get involved with The Auckland Project YAC, get in touch with the team using the details above.

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