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Welcome to the YAC Alumni page!

When you were younger, were you a Young Archaeologist? If so, then this is the page for you! We would love to hear from you about all your YAC or Young Rescue memories so please complete our short YAC alumni survey; more details below! We are interested to hear from former YAC Branch members, YAC UK members and Young Rescue members.

Perhaps you remember or took part in:

  • A YAC holiday
  • YAC’s National Archaeology Day; this has now grown into the CBA’s Festival of British Archaeology
  • The Young Archaeologist of the Year Award (YAYA)
  • One of YAC’s magazine competitions
  • Did you write an article that featured in the Young Archaeologist magazine?
  • Or write a book review for ‘Read and Review’?

Below is a selection of past YAC and Young Rescue pin badges. Rescue Yellow badge Green badge White badge

Young Rescue

YAC Alumni members

YAC Alumni member, Robert Searle was a Young Rescue member in the 1970’s. Robert contacted YAC in spring 2011 to see if we could find his original article which he wrote for the Young Rescue newsletter in 1975 and we did! You can read Robert’s original article here.

Robert’s letter from spring 2011 featured in Norman’s Noticeboard. You can read Robert’s letter in Issue 147 of the magazine.

Thoughts from past YAC members and parents

National Archaeology Day badge

  • ‘I have gained many interesting insights into archaeology through your [YAC] sessions and have also had the opportunity to meet many people that I can contact in the future, advancing my interest into the subject even further and helping my enthusiasm to grow throughout the course of my degree’.
  • ‘Being part of YAC has definitely influenced my choice to take my passion for archaeology to degree level and hopefully into the working field!’
  • ‘I went on the YAC holiday to Norfolk with you in 2006, when I was 14… Back then I was sort of confused about what I wanted to do with my life, but I’m now at the University of Liverpool studying for a BSc degree in Archaeology and have myself all sorted, and its YAC’s fault. I just wanted you guys to know that you have helped me massively and to say thanks for that’.
  • ‘As a parent, can I thank you for YAC. My son has wanted to be an archaeologist since he was 5 and it is wonderful for him to know he is not the only one with this ambition! The way you run YAC makes it feel like a real club and not just a commercial venture’.

YAC Survey

YAC Alumni survey

YAC is currently doing some research into our past members to find out more about them and what they are doing now. Why not take the YAC Alumni survey through Survey Monkey and tell us if and how you are still involved with archaeology and heritage?


YAC Alumni Facebook page

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