Ask the archaeologist
Ask the archaeologist

Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about archaeology? Ask our special guest archaeologist now!

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Bexley YAC

What is coming up - future Bexley YAC sessions

Bexley YAC sessions for 2017 - For Bexley YAC members only.

​This year we are starting Archaeology Skills Training with our older members using the BJAR Skills Passport.

All sessions must be booked 

for more details contact   

Bexley YAC Timetable 2017


Sat 10th June on site      Decorative Bricks.

How were decorative bricks made and used?

We will look at a variety of carved patterns and decorative brick work.

We will make bricks for using our own pattern/design. These will be fired and made into a display for site.

Dig on site.

Skills Passport Group session 2:


To be able to explain the process by which a specific context was derived.

To be able to show this as a sketch, Harris Matrix or in written form.


Sat 1st July         Trip to Babylon Tile works to make a Kent Peg tile (details to follow)


Sat 29th July      Older YAC members dig at Faversham with Canterbury Archaeological Trust, Skills Passport Group: to take training passports for double signing


Sat 9th September          Shorne Country Park with Andy Mayfield, County Archaeologist.

 Andy will talk about his role as County Archaeologist, show us the LIDAR and we will go out and investigate what we can see on the ground.


Sunday 10th September Skills Passport Group session 3 :


To be able to complete each section of a context record and understand how to check and cross reference each entry.

To be able to understand the correct use of scales, north arrow and photo boards and how to set up and take an image.


Sat 7th October, On site     All Hallows and All Souls

Dig if weather permits.

Skills Passport Group session 4 :

To be able to set out pegs as a fixed grid and lay out a trench within this coordinate system.


Sat 4th November, Bexley Archives WW1 Women and Medicine

Celebrating Elsie Inglis and the role of women in WW1


Sat 2nd Dec Bexley Archives        Pagan winter festivals


















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