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Welcome to the Young Archaeologists' Club!


Welcome to the Young Archaeologists’ Club!

YAC is the place for young people who want to get into archaeology. Check out our activities and explore our map to find your nearest YAC Branch and you could soon be getting mud under your fingernails doing real archaeology!

We’re planning a new YAC website! Tell us what you want from archaeology online by doing our quick survey

Archaeology Matters

YAC is part of the Council for British Archaeology, an educational charity which relies on your support. Donate online now or find out more about how you can help make archaeology matter.

Tony Robinson is the President of YAC, Tony says…

YAC encourages young people to look after and protect our archaeology. I am proud to be YAC’s President!

Did you know…

Time Team’s Tony Robinson is YAC’s President.

Dig for Shakespeare.Potsherd.Red coated British infantry of the Regency period, ready to send Boney packing.A Roman mosaic.A coin struck at the Jorvik Viking Centre.Bolton Castle.